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Dear Visitors,

We hope the info here on this website will be helpful with dog food selection.

The intent of this website is to provide readers with:

  • Information to make an informed decision
  • An opportunity to help the community by contributing a rating to dog food that they have used
  • Less trial and error to find a suitable source of food and treats for their dogs
  • Decent aggregated coupons related to dog supplies to help the community save money

My name is Chiko Lee and I am the editor and authorof fidosreviews.com.  My precious two dogs are Athena (left) and Hercules (right).  With diet issue in the past, they have inspired me to create this review website.


I am also the founder of a dog novelty store called Puppy In Motion. It does not sell any dog food, dog treats, or any other consumable products for dogs.  On this review site there are just ads for Puppy In Motion.

We do not accept any money or gifts from pet food companies to write or influence any of our reviews.

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