Dry Matter vs Guaranteed Basis Analysis

The difference between Dry Matter & Guaranteed Basis Analysis is:

  • Dry matter analysis basis strips away all moisture in the calculation for nutrient composition by percentage
  • Guaranteed analysis basis includes moisture content as part of the composition with nutrients. Basically, it tells you how much moisture/water you are buying too.

A higher percentage of nutrients reported by Dry Matter basis does not equate to more nutrients in the absolute sense. Thus, you need to consider both Dry and Guaranteed analysis to get the whole picture. Here is an example:

Brand 1: 

    • 80% Moisture
    • 10% Protein

Brand 2:

    • 10% Moisture
    • 30% Protein

Remove out moisture with the following equation:

(100% – %Moisture) = %TotalDryMatter

(%Protien / %TotalDryMatter) * 100% = %ProtienWithoutMoisture

Let’s apply it to the two example brands:

Brand 1: (5%/70%) * 100% = 50%  %ProtienWithoutMoisture (Dry Matter)

Brand 2: (30%/90%) * 100% = 33% %ProtienWithoutMoisture (Dry Matter)

However,  if you were given the same amount of food from both brands in original form, which one would have more nutrients? Well let’s see with 100 grams of food:

Brand 1: 100 grams * 10% Protein = 10 grams of Protein (Guaranteed method)

Brand 2: 100 grams * 30% Protein30 grams of Protein (Guaranteed method)

In summary:

Brand 1 has a higher percentage amount of protein (50% vs 33%) for the dry matter it contains, but for the same amount of food with their original water content Brand 2 has more total protein because Brand 1 contains more water (30 grams vs 10 grams).

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