What do you get when you pay more for dry dog food?


Going from the cheapest stuff to mid-priced dog food very likely offers a significant upgrade in quality of ingredients. Going from mid-priced to high-priced, you can also get more nutrition spread, and higher meat protein content too, but the buyer needs to shop with care to avoid overspending on a brand that does not deliver or there maybe a lower cost brand that offers the same caliber of dog food.

Let’s start!!!

OK let’s discuss this in parts; we will explore from the cheapest stuff first and go up from there.
Lowest priced dry dog food

Amazing price? Too good to be true? Yes maybe it is too good to be true.

Ok how does the cheapest stuff compare and what do you get? Let’s answer this question with the typical characteristics of the cheapest stuff:

  • Relatively more carb heavy fillers. Typically they are right up at the top of the ingredient list, and come in various types/forms.
  • You may not get even one source of straight meat type
  • More plant based proteins
  • By-product type meats
  • Generic named meat ingredients
  • Less wholesome ingredients such as fruits, vegetables
  • Food coloring added
  • Little amounts Omega-3 and Omega 6- fatty acid, and thus their content are not listed on the label.

As you can see, there are numerous potential disadvantages with low priced dog food. Not only do you get lower grade ingredients, but also they may expose your dog to higher risks of health hazards with some potential ingredients that are linked to health issues. One example is BHA used as a preservative.

Middle price range dry dog foods

In this category, most recipes typically

  • Try to start off with a plain straight named meat
  • Some will try to boast with plant based proteins
  • Some will follow up with meat meals as a relatively lower cost method to boast meat protein. This is done instead of providing another source of plain straight name meat.
  • Ingredients become more specific and straight forward named relatively to low priced recipes

Typically going from low to mid priced dog food, there is a big jump from “not so pleasant” to somewhat decent or good.

Upper priced dry dog foods

Going from mid to high priced there is a trend in what you get, but one has to be more aware of marketing versus actually delivering more than the competitors for the price you pay.

Some common and more likely traits for higher priced dog foods may include:

  • More meat sources dominate the top of the list
  • Lots of wholesome ingredients such as vegetables and fruits
  • Chelated / Proteinate minerals
  • Probiotics added

(Of course, any or a combination of the above may be found in lower priced dog foods too.)

However, more at this level more money does not always equate to:

  • More straight named meats
  • More protein content
  • Less carbohydrate
  • Higher levels of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acid levels.

Again, all the discussion in this article does not define what goes in a each class of dog food; it only describes general and typical trends. The intent of this article is to give the reader an idea what they may expect when looking for a recipe with respect to price.


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