Recall: Fromm Gold Pate canned dog food (03/18/2016)


Date: 03/18/2016
Brands: Fromm Gold
Company: Fromm Family Foods

  • 12 oz. Gold Chicken Pate (Canned)
  • 12 oz. Gold Chicken & Duck Pate (Canned)
  • 12 oz. Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate (Canned)


Fromm Family Foods is  recalling specific 12 oz. cans of our new Gold canned dog food pates due to possibility of elevated levels of Vitamin D in these cans.

Tainted Batch Details:

These cans were shipped to distributors during the limited time frame from December 2015 through February 2016

Check the following details on the bag to see if its from the tainted batch or the precautionary recalled batch.

Product Case Code # Size UPC
Gold Chicken Pate (Canned) 11893 12 oz. 72705 11892
Gold Chicken & Duck Pate (Canned) 11895 12 oz. 72705 11894
Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate (Canned) 11891 12 oz. 72705 11890

FrommGold2 FrommGold1 recall FrommGold3

FrommGold1_upc FrommGold2_upc FrommGold3_upc


Some Recommended Actions

Below are just some recommended actions that you may want to take if you believe  that your dog has consumed the tainted batch.  As with all content this website, we remind you to please use this information at your own risk. You may also want to consider other actions and options beyond what is listed:

  • Discontinue use immediately
  • Check your dog for symptoms of consuming salmonella
  • Call veterinarian to check any dogs that may have consumed it
  • Notify the company

Reference link to the recall

Excessive Vitamin D

An excess of vitamin D may result in abnormally high blood concentrations of calcium, which can cause over-calcification of the bones, soft tissues, heart and kidneys. Also, hypertension can result

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