Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy With Beef

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  • Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy With Beef
  • Published on: March 4, 2015
  • Last modified: April 20, 2015
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Review Summary:

Funny, for this recipe described as “Gravy with Beef”, at the top of the ingredient list you’ll see chicken and generic meat sources ahead of beef. Moving on, it contains generic source “Meat By-Products”, which is questionable and considered a lower grade meat source. Also, it does not specify what animal the liver source maybe questionable and/or not preferred. There is caramel coloring, which is linked with premature aging and offers no health benefits. Despite the small quantity of these two toxic ingredients to dogs, onion powder is an unnecessary, since they already have already added garlic powder for any potential health benefits. Added sodium nitrate also poses a risk to gastric cancer in the long term. Overall, this recipe is below of average.


  • Contains caramel coloring, which aids premature aging
  • Generic meat sources
  • Onion powder added when there is already garlic powder
  • Sodium Nitrate added, which can pose a risk to gastric cancer over long term exposure
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    Nutritional Breakdown:

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Protein Fat Fiber Moisture Carbs
    8% (min) 3% (min) 1% (max) 82% (max) 4.4% (est.)

    Dry Matter Analysis

    Protein Fat Fiber Dry Matter Carbs
    36.4% (min) 13.6% (min) 4.5% (max) 18% (max) 24% (est.)

    *Estimated Carbs do not include fiber


    Calories NA

    Ingredients Analysis

    First 5 Ingredients:

    1. water
    2. chicken
    3. meat by-products
    4. wheat flour
    5. beef


    Chicken and Beef are a good source of protein with all essential amino acids for dogs, but keep in mind on this ingredient rank list, it factors in the water content, which is roughly about 70% or more water.

    Meat by-products are non- rendered parts from parts that are not considered fit for human consumption. Typical parts may include spleen, lungs, brains, blood, underdeveloped eggs, intestine, etc.. Some people consider this ingredient to be inferior quality to other meat sources and prefer to avoid it. Please note the animal type is not specified, it just says “Meat”, which leaves an open door to where they may have procure the generic “Meat” from. This may allow for higher odds of a bad source such as a sick, euthanized, or road kill, which are just a few examples among many other possibilities.

    Wheat flour is a source of fiber and some protein, but it is relatively high in carbohydrates.

    Other Ingredients to be Aware of.

    Wheat Gluten is the main protein of wheat, and as you may guess, it mainly offers protein. Although it is not common, just like the small percentage of humans, some dogs are intolerable to gluten, which causes problems in the intestine system.

    Caramel color is not necessary as its only purpose is for aesthetics. The downside is it contains advanced gycation end products, which leads to premature aging.

    Xanthan gum is commonly used in food as a thickening agent for both human and animal foods. It may be derived from a variety of source products that are themselves common allergens, such as corn, wheat, dairy, or soy. Thus, if you know your dog is has certain allergies, then it is important to beware that xanthan gum maybe potential source too.

    Onion powder.  You may know that onion contains thiosulphate, which can cause hemolytic anemia, liver damage, and death for dogs. So why do they add onion powder to dog food? Perhaps it is doe for taste.  In low amounts there may be no harm, but then there is really no significant benefit from doing so.

    Garlic powder is a debatable ingredient. You may know that garlic contains thiosulphate, which can cause hemolytic anemia, liver damage, and death for dogs. So why do they add garlic or garlic oil to dog food? It is because some debate the benefits of garlic are significant for dogs, and low dosages do pose any risk to their compromising their health.

    Sodium Nitrate additive is a concern for both humans and dogs. For food it is used as both a preservative and color fixative in meats. Nitrosamines are a formed when sodium nitrate is combined with meat protein. This by-product is linked with gastric cancer given enough exposure over time. Do note, for dogs, they typically have a shorter lifespan relative to humans, which you need to factor in. If you want to minimize the risk, then it would be best to avoid a recipe with this ingredient.

    All Ingredients

    sufficient water for processing, chicken, meat by-products, wheat flour, beef, liver, wheat gluten, salt, caramel coloring, sodium tripolyphosphate, natural flavors, guar gum, vegetable oil (source of linoleic acid), minerals (potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide), sodium alginate, natural smoke flavor, xanthan gum, onion powder, bay leaves, vitamins (vitamin e, a & d3 supplements, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate {vitamin b1}, biotin), garlic powder, sodium nitrite (for color retention).

    Manufacture and Location

    Manufactured by: Mars Inc.
    Location(s): Unknown


    Any known recalls for any dog food products from this manufacture, parent, or parent subsidiaries from 2013.

    Date Brand Reason
    8/31/2014 Pedigree Foreign metal fragments
    8/26/2014 Pedigree Foreign metal fragments

    *Recall information from FDA website.


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